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Data Security for Healthcare

Data security is more important than ever to the healthcare industry. The number of data breaches compromising confidential healthcare data is on the rise. In the United States alone, more than 100 organizations reported data breaches affecting 500 or more patient records at a potential cost of $5.6 billion dollars. In the United Kingdom, healthcare sector breaches have doubled since 2013. And, it's estimated that the value of stolen healthcare data is 10 times that of other confidential consumer data putting patient information at even greater risk of being stolen. Add to this a growing mobile workforce and you can quickly understand why data security is a top priority for hospitals, healthcare providers, insurers and pharmaceutical companies.

With the global healthcare market undergoing upheaval and transformation, you can't afford a costly healthcare data breach to further shake the confidence of patients, partners or regulators. Failure to anticipate data security risks could compromise your organization's ability to meet the strict mandates that govern healthcare data access and handling, including:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) security requirements for Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Evolving ASTM Standards for Medical Device Interoperability
  • European Union Data Protection Directive (EUDPD)
  • UK Data Protection Act
  • The Australian Privacy Act
  • Japan's Personal Information Protection Act

But safeguarding confidential healthcare data is more than strictly meeting regulatory requirements. It demands a comprehensive data security solution built around strong encryption, robust identity management, and policy-based data management. Download the whitepaper and learn how healthcare organizations can leverage new technologies to take the risk out of mobility.


Learn how healthcare organizations can secure patient data to meet data security and compliance mandates while avoiding costly data breaches.

Click here to download the whitepaper.

Stolen Laptops Cause Massive HIPAA Data Breach

Advocate Health Care – who in August reported the second largest HIPAA data breach to date after four unencrypted laptops were stolen from its facility, compromising the protected health information and Social Security numbers of more than 4 million people – has now been slapped with a class action lawsuit filed by affected patients.

Two plaintiffs, representing patients affected by the breach, assert that Advocate Health Care failed to take the necessary precautions required to safeguard patients’ protected health information. The unencrypted laptops were stolen from an “unmonitored” room, one with “little or no security to prevent unauthorized access,” the lawsuit read.

Patients’ PHI, Social Security numbers and protected insurance information was improperly handled and stored, was unencrypted, and not kept in accordance with applicable and appropriate cyber-security protocols, policies.

Healthcare IT News
September 6, 2013

Concerned About BadUSB?

Simplify Compliance, Improve Productivity, and More

Imation helps you achieve all these goals with military-grade encrypted devices, and we don't stop there. Our mobile security solutions protect digital identities and applications no matter where your employees take them. Because our centralized management platforms put you in control of data access and use, you don't have to rely on the diligence of the hundreds or thousands of mobile workers who carry sensitive corporate or patient data with them every day.

Imation delivers some of the world's most secure, scalable and reliable mobile storage, secure workspace and device management solutions, including:

  • encrypted flash drives
  • encrypted external hard drives
  • secure portable PC on a Stick™ workspaces
  • cloud and on-premises centralized device management solutions

All of these were designed from the start to work seamlessly together and create a cost-effective, end-to-end solution that you can use to reduce your potential exposure to non-compliance.

Features of the IronKey Healthcare Data Solutions

Deploy the highest standards of mobile data storage protection

The Imation IronKey™ family of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 encrypted flash drives and external hard drives, lock down patient information and other sensitive data with an on-board, hardware encryption engine that puts a military-grade, XTS-AES or AES-256 wall between unauthorized users and the drive's contents.

Maintain control over data access and use, conveniently and centrally

The security protections built into Imation's encrypted USB drives are formidable. And by choosing from an array of scalable, intuitive platforms for establishing and policing your employees' use of IronKey drives, you can ensure that mobile employees are using strong passwords and taking other measures to take full advantage of those capabilities. From a central console, set policies for passwords, application use, recovery, and more – across a handful of drives or thousands of them. Depending on the Imation solution you deploy, you can also manage and update device drivers and applications, administer identity protection features, and create whitelists of approved IP addresses to control where devices and applications can be used. And if a drive is lost or stolen, you can even remotely wipe or disable it.

Protect digital identities away from the office

When a mobile employee's digital identity is compromised, your network, your applications, and your data all become vulnerable. That's why Imation offers strong, multifactor authentication (password and biometric) on Imation IronKey USB drives. And for users of IronKey flash drives, Imation offers enterprise-class identity management capabilities – combining PKI crypto services, two-factor authentication and strong password management – to ensure data is only accessed by its rightful owner. Imation integrates these sophisticated authentication technologies with encrypted storage in a single mobile device.

Simplify reporting, auditing and other burdens of compliance

Passing your HIPAA audit doesn't have to be a headache. Use Imation's advanced reporting and auditing capabilities to document how, where and when users have accessed, saved or modified confidential data. And for maximum flexibility, Imation offers you both premises-based management solutions (when device management must reside behind your firewall) and cloud-based management solutions (eliminates the need for capital investments in servers and other hardware).

Shield data and applications from malware

In addition to the combined safeguards of encryption, multi-factor authentication and hardened enclosures, Imation's enterprise-class mobile storage solutions come with anti-virus protections, either as a standard feature or as an option.

Empower mobile workers with simple, user-friendly solutions

There's no need for employees to install drivers or other software to securely access their stored data. Imation secure storage make it easy for users and administrators alike to lock down data no matter where it goes.

Don't let security get in the way of productivity

Mobile data security involves more than just locking down data. Workers need the flexibility of working from any PC, tablet or Mac, and they get it with Imation's portable workspace solutions. These PC on a Stick solutions for Windows To Go, available on Imation's encrypted USB flash drives, add another dimension to mobile security by enabling employees and contractors to safely work from any computer – at the office, at home, or on the road – with a fully functioning Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 desktop environment that goes everywhere they do and features all the applications workers need. Hardware encryption and strong authentication keep protected patient data where it belongs, and the portable workspace is isolated from malware or other threats that may be present on the host computer, keeping them out of your datacenters and your networks. Healthcare IT can also centrally control access, even providing the ability to remotely wipe or disable lost or stolen drives.

Recover from disasters without missing a beat

Power outages, severe storms, earthquakes, fires – any of these might usually impact your ongoing operations. But Imation's secure mobile storage and portable workspace solutions help keep workers productive even when they can't make it into the office or when normal operating systems are down.

Take the Worry out of Securing and Managing Mobile Data

Few firms can afford the millions of dollars that data breaches can cost – penalties, settlements, mitigation measures can add up quickly. That's why healthcare organizations around the world rely on Imation for mobile security solutions that meet the highest standards of protection. Imation helps reduce the cost of securing data, simplify compliance, and keep employees and contractors productive at work, at home or on the road.

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